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Hyperloop Orbital Launch Vehicle Delivery System ("Green" Landlocked Launch System)

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Saturn Aerospace, out of Houston, TX, has teamed with a retired NASA Subject Matter Expert to develop a proprietary "Green" launch system that can be launched over land and bring an economic boon to landlocked states. 

The concept is inexpensive, powered by hydrogen and oxygen (water vapor release), and uses solar power to run the launch facilities and system.  The hyperloop system eliminates the need for the expensive ground launch support equipment of your traditional "pointy" vertical rocket. 

We are looking for Angel Investors to begin our application fees to secure Bureau of Land Management-owned land and FAA approval of the launch system. Proof of Concept, launch vehicle specifications and requirements, and computer simulation are also required. 

Prime Contractor (a WOSB) has been secured. DECK4 Innovation Inc. has 11 years of Aerospace experience and NASA Contracts.  With our contacts with other small businesses in the aerospace sector, we are ready to proceed when funding is secured. An investment of 25K  would begin to secure the site. 2M to 5M would secure the proof of concept and begin site preparation. The total project cost is 250M to get to the inaugural launch. 

Launch facility construction and launch operations would bring a boon to the local economy and make land-locked states competitors in space and payload delivery and recovery. 
Estimated ROI could be as little as 3-5 years, with the beginning of weekly launches (Year 4)—a slower launch rate in Year 3 as processes are practiced. 

Checking the math, a CubeSat on an aero wing system by a leading competitor is 1M per CubeSat. With a 30 CubeSats capability on the vehicle launch, customers will pay 30M per launch, per quarter. 120M per year revenue (minus operating cost). This competitor is unable to proceed with this concept as other launch vehicles for them are a priority and sucking up all their cash. Too many other priorities kill the dream, We are focused. 

Higher investment and experience with our unmanned systems get us to man-rated vehicles. 

Please let us empower your earth orbit and beyond aerospace endeavors. 

Kind regards,

Bryan "Trip" Banks

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