Santte Foods

$500,000 for expansion to cope with new accounts and increase production with second shift.

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This is a little history of our 22 months of operations.

We produce a less than two calories meringue bite/cookie. sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, cholesterol free, soy free, non GMO, natural flavor and color, kosher certified, gluten certified. Literally the best snack for all ages to enjoy! We have three product lines; Regular, Keto, Diabetic. Each line has nine flavors; Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies n Cream, Cappuccino and Mint Chocolate, Caramel, Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy.

We are 33 employees total and will increase to 45 by the beginning of next year.

We started in January 2020 with HEB with 360 stores, two months later cover-19 came, by May, we started working with BUC-EE´S with 40 stores, on June, we started working with Rite Aid with 2,200 stores, this made us have presence in many states. By July we started working with TJ MAXX, MARSHALLS and HOMEGOODS with 3,000 stores combined, with presence in all USA. On July, we also started selling our products on our own online store and  By December 2020 we launched three more flavor (cotton candy, birthday cake and caramel). On June 2021, we started working with WINNERS, HOMESENSE and CM in Canada. On July, we started working with ROSS with 3,000 stores, also started selling on Amazon.  By September, we started working with TK MAXX Europe (UK, Germany, Poland), COSTCO with 700 stores, reaching almost 10,000 stores in total. We are in talks with KROGER, ALBERTSONS, WAKEFERN, PUBLIX, WHOLEFOODS, SAMS CLUB, WALMART, WALGREENS, STOP AND SHOP, FAMILY DOLLAR, DOLLAR GENERAL. In Canada with LOBLAWS. In Europe with GRAYS.

We are working one shift (6.00-14.00) and expect to go to our second shift (13.30-21.30) by January to cope with the increase we will have with COSTCO by then. By February we will have to order the new machine we will need to cope with demand and that will take 6-8 months to have the new machine installed and running. 

We are in need for a 50,000+ sf production facility in order to cope with the capacity we will be needing by 2022 and beyond. We are producing 95,000 bags per month and will be increasing to double that by April 2022, and almost doubling that again by March 2023.  

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