Sankalp Grocery Inc.

Raisiing 100k to build a Grocery Supermarket.

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I'm opening a American Asian supermarket in Secaucus NJ. its a deserted town, there's no supermarket in 5 miles radius and the location has amore 3000 house in surrounding itself.
The supermarket will also have Pharmacy, Restaurant (Take out) and Pizzeria inside. Total area of supermarket is 25,000 Sq. Ft. and I have a straight lease for 21 years straight.
I Have been working in Retail/Grocery store from last 7 years and is opening this big supermarket in the middle of Secaucus NJ.
Mayor has promised the supermarket since 2018 and now its happening so he's keen interested to getting things done pretty fast.
Secaucus is highly dense and people have to travel to Jersey city or Nutley or Walmart near Union city as there's no supermarket in nearby area and that with parking lot. Me and my team is working very hard to get it open before the festival season. we are planning to open by October 20,2023.
The supermarket will have all American products as well as Indian/Asian Products, all Produce, there will be separate Meat section for meat selection.Wide variety of Frozen/Packed foods, Eggs, Milks and everything that we basically need in house to eat. 
We are raising money for the first time and just started. Believe in us and believe in our company to get Secaucus from deserted town(Supermarket) to town with a go to place with this supermarket. We are expecting to do business of around 550k-600k per month with a guaranteed return of 22-24%.

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