Raising 100k To Develop A Child Tracking Bracelet

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In the United States each year, there are 800,000 children reported missing. This number is large enough, yet it does not even account for the thousands of missing children unreported. Parents all over the world have difficulty tracking their young children, concerns about their child being lost or taken, and there is no way to track them due to the fact that they are too young to have a cell phone. Children are vulnerable, and with all of the technology that exists today, their safety has not yet been a priority. That is until now: Hi, I am a part of a company that has developed a new innovative product with the goal to save children’s lives. Our company has developed a tracking technology for kids in the form of a stylish wristband that is fun and easy to wear. The bracelet will be enjoyable because it will include interchangeable charms that affix to the bracelet and that kids can exchange with each other. This allows kids to find interest and be comfortable with this device that they will not lose or damage, and allows parents to conveniently access their child's location on an app. Parents will finally have a desirable and exciting accessory for their children with practical usage. Other devices such as a Gizmo watch or a tracking chip are inconvenient, expensive and unsuccessful. What sets this little bracelet apart? We work hard to make the bracelet accessible and helpful in any situation, valuing the simplicity of our design. We have a huge target market with kids under the age of eight in the US. There are around 22 million potential customers and if we charge $75, we would make around 1.7 billion dollars. We are here today to ask you for an investment in our company. Investing in us doesn’t only mean that you will get a significant return from our market, but more importantly, you will be contributing to a safer world for our youth. Don’t miss your chance to join us and contribute to making the world a better place.

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