RV Park and Campground LLC

Raising $3 million to Start the Initial Purchase and Building of a Family-Oriented Campground

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I want to purchase property and build a resort type campground at the foot of a national forest . I am seeking angel investing so in the purchase I can go ahead and start building. I do not want to be waiting with land that's not earning any profits while securing a secondary loan with the bank.  My vision is to have a luxurious resort type campground that is located far enough away to feel like an escape but close enough to make a small drive to amenities like groceries, shopping, etc. with the added bonus of the national forest.    This campground would help solve an issue for the national forest: for years the top of the mountain has turned larger campers away because the terrain is very curvy. With placing a campground closer to the base, it would allow those campers with larger units to still explore the national forest.

Proposed Income
The proposed monthly business income for the initial phase we would love to start out with 5 acres which would be roughly be 40 campsites. Max capacity would be $1400 a night (42,000 monthly). Initial investments would focus on marketing, initial build and setup for expansion for future sites. (This is just for the first phase) There will be a total of 60-65 workable acres.   

Our Team has had 8 years in contracting, 3 years in distribution and approx 15 years in business. Our team has been camping for 5 years and knows the ends and outs of campers of all sizes. This has helped us travel for business and for pleasure.  This plan is to take our experience and put it all together.

Upon Request
Business Plan is made and can be presented to interested parties. 

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