Roof Fix LLC

Growing company breadth while buying out partner

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We are Roofing and Solar Contractor in Central Texas, Locally owned and operated.
We are the only Roofing and Solar certified contractor in the market and we are looking to expand north.
Our product and services are like no other, we provide roof replacement roof repair, Tune ups, cleanings, and all ancillary products. Plus, we are the only Solar contractor where we warranty the roof with each install. We are NABCEP Certified, have a masters license in electrical, and registered with all major utilities.
We have strategic accounts with major manufacturers, and large accounts with big box, we serve the major San Antonio & Austin markets.
Our model is simple, lead with education and empowerment, change the status quo of what it means to be in the Roofing and Solar segments. The archaic practices of the industry need to change, and we have aimed to change it.
Growth in our segment is further driven by the Inflation Reduction Act, for both commercial and residential, adding 30% tax credits and up to $14k in rebates. 
We are looking for strategic partners to help us grow and take our vision to the next level.

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