ROI Health LLC

Innovative insurance brokerage and consulting solution to Americas health cost and quality crisis. We are the ultimate disruptive solution using the correct cost-output approach.

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We are the ultimate disruptor in healthcare. ROI Health delivers the desperately needed new business architecture in the employee health benefits marketplace in the form of a project management medium-term integrated employee health benefits model that significantly reduces health costs, improves quality and increases productivity.
The model uses unique action steps that  integrate health and disability interventions correctly over time. These steps are guided by a proprietary potential forecast savings model that can reduce  employers' health and disability costs 26.5% at an 8% compounded annual Health Cost Inflation rate to net costs to base year over four years.

Integrated employee health benefits approaches were developed earlier and used successfully by Combined Benefits Insurance Company, Pitney Bowes, Proctor & Gamble and Owens Corning. ROI Health has enhanced their efforts and with exception of Combined Benefits these programs are still ongoing.

According to McKinsey's 2022 Series "The Gathering Storm" there will be an increase in NHE of $590B and EBITDA Erosion of 10--50% across manufacturing, services and technology by 2027. Employers will not be able to absorb this acceleration of health, disability and productivity loss. 

The target market is middle market self-insured companies with 1,000 to 10,000 employees, however, we could also provide our solution to companies of larger size. This middle market consists of 183,000 firms with $9.3T in revenue and 53 MM employees. The middle market comprises several hundred billion dollars in employee health benefits expense. These employers pay 8-18% more for health benefits than larger employers. 

ROI Health has no competition and due to structural impediments in the employee health benefits and health insurance marketplace these competitors will be unable to replicate our approach. 

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