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Raising capital to scale business operations for our sustainable tourism company

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We are an adventure travel company looking to scale our business internationally. We focus on sustainable tourism helping to support the local ecosystems and communities in which we operate with an eye toward overall environmentally and socially responsible business practices. We are partnering with various organizations to on local sustainability projects in the Kilimanjaro, Tanzania region. Our main revenue comes from operating tours on Mt. Kilimanjaro and safari adventure tours in Tanzania. 

Our target customers are mid-upper income individuals who are interested in adventure activities, like mountain climbing, extreme hiking, "bucket-list" trips. We offer 5 different guided treks on Mount Kilimanjaro and 5 different safari tour options. We also offer customized tours for private groups. 

Tourism was hit hard in Tanzania during COVID. However, the tourism industry is rebounding well and bookings are increasing. Analysis of our industry has shown that the levels of tourists to Tanzania is projected to surpass 2019 levels. 

The company owner, Helen Soto, has an MBA in Global Business and has over 20 years of experience in Marketing, especially Digital Marketing, and IT. With this strong expertise and knowledge, the company leadership is able to focus on those areas that will elevate our business against our competition. Competitive research shows that only a handful of the current operators in the Kilimanjaro region are using digital marketing tactics to grow their business. There is much opportunity to gain market share with a robust marketing plan, combined with the value proposition of being a certified sustainable tourism company and proving our commitment to the eco-tourism community through tangible projects. 

We are seeking funding to expand our operations in Tanzania and scale the business operations to offer tours in other popular adventure tourism areas around the world. Our next step would be to research areas that would provide the best return on investment and vet local companies with which to partner for in-country management. 

For our Tanzania expansion, we are now seeking to obtain our own fleet of safari vehicles, purchase additional trekking equipment, and hire employees to manage some of the day-to-day marketing and product development, so leadership can focus on strategy, creating successful partnerships, and managing the overall business.

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