We need to Raise 1M for R & D completion , go to Market.

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Hope all is well during these difficult times.  We have an exciting opportunity to invest in a technology company in the aftermarket automobile business that is resilient and timeless.  It is not impacted by trends such as autonomous, EV, or new car sales.  As long as people need to go anywhere and cars are on the road, the opportunity for growth and value will continue to be an opportunity.  The market I am speaking about is roadside assistance and it is dealing with the fundamental problem of connecting cars that need roadside assistance.  It brings together B-B services between insurers, towing or roadside assistance, and the consumers who need roadside help.  The company is called Roadsider and it creates a network effect of cars, insurance, information, data and automation to help small and large business work together seamlessly to serve consumers with car problems.  Roadsider taps into an $8B market, and we are looking for investors that are interested in building a high value business for the long term.   We would love to speak with you to talk more about this concept and our offering to see if there is a fit in your investment portfolio.   This is a first round funding request.  We do have a partial product that is in use with a Towing company, we will need funding to complete the service and start large scale customer trials.  We already have a regional towing chain that is growing into a national presence and they are willing to be our first customer.  We also have lined up other towing services with MOUs right behind this for trials.  Please let us know when there is a good time to introduce you to Roadsider and the team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Roadsider is no longer seeking funding.