Rightway Healthcare Corporation

Seeking 30mil+ Bent on radical interventions to address structural poverty in healthcare, complimentary entrepreneurial allied services that will shift the paraidgm in healthcare.

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We are a multi-ethnic B-Corporation health plan provider with a low-frill's health plan models focused on attracting and sustaining the nonelderly target market with  Scrappy, aggressive healthcare with a complimentary entrepreneurial allied services bent on radical interventions to address structural poverty in healthcare that will shift the paradigm in healthcare with focus on the unwanted, overlooked inner city populations that big insurance companies don't address nor approach. Sanctioned by the Secretary of the State of California to issue 200 million shares of Common Stock. 125 million shares voting stock A, 75 million shares of non-voting stock B. Currently all shares of stock remain in-house.     
Medical Software: Some potentially custom features/special features have been identified as providing "RHC" with significant advantages.

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