RHV ELectro-Optics, LLC

Develop waveguide sensor and display technology

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Silicon CMOS waveguide technology was developed for the communications industry. However, the technology offers solutions for many sensing and display problems.  For example, heterodyne detection can be implemented in active imagers that provide gated imaging and range in a completely solid state, power efficient, small, and inexpensive package.  Another example is the Waveguide Display.  A waveguide display provides 4K by 4K color for virtual reality in a package that is suitable for comfortable head or glasses mounting. The Plane Wave Imager is a third example; it substitutes an evanescent coupler array for the camera lens and photo detector array, resulting in very small, light, inexpensive optical imager.  Implementation details are, of course, critical for making a funding decision.  Please visit nextgenimagers.com. or RHVElectro-Optics.com for information on all waveguide sensors and displays.

The proprietar and sole employee of RHV Electro-Optics is Dr. Richard H. Vollmerhausen. His decades of experience in the design and analysis of electro-optical imagers led him to look for solutions for the performance problems of existing imaging technology.  Waveguide technology provides those solutions, but RHV Electro-Optics does not have the funds or expertise needed to develop a CMOS product. 

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