Raise $5 million in 3 tranches (3,1,1) to expand operations to include USA, Dubai & Saudi

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Media Production Company operating in USA, Dubai & KSAhttps://vimeo.com/realvisionmedia

The RGB Mindscape

RGB, the three primary colors used to create a broad spectrum of hues. Similar to the color code, we as a production house are specialized in various disciplines and styles that are best suited to cater the needs of our clients - whatever tickles your fancy…Specialized in various fields, we at RGB, being true to our name use diverse talents to produce high quality work for our clients. Our team has collectively over 20 years of experience in production and post -production. Send us an inquiry then see the magic unfold.

Our main business is Film & Video Production both Indoor and Outdoor, Post production, 2d & 3D Animation. We also have a complete Sound Proof Studio facility for our production needs as well as for rental purpose. 

 The Pitch, The Ask, & The Return 
◦Established GCC Media Insiders led by Mr. Kamal Saleh want to create a USA presence to enable capturing high profile opportunities in the GCC and specifically KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) 
◦To expand on their 2,000 sqft facility and $1.2 million by revenue (2019 actual)studio in Media City Dubai with a presence in KSA and USA which will enable the business to grow revenues to $5 million 2021, $7 million 2022 and $8 million 2023. 

The Ask is three tranches of growth capital 
◦$3 million 2021 
◦$1 million 2022 
◦$1 million 2023 

The Return 
◦5 year ROI rate to be agreed 
◦Collateralized by projects with “A” rated sponsors 
◦Nomination of CFO, General Counsel and Auditor 
◦Right of First Refusal on subsequent Tranches 

◦POC USA Shay Serdy 
◦Ph 347-268-7977 
◦Email [email protected] 

The Team

KAMAL SALEH, CEO & Executive Producer 
Professional Background: Real Vision Media Services – Al Barsha; Dubai; U.A.E {UAE, Lebanon} 
Vimeo Channel: https://vimeo.com/realvisionmedia/videos 
Executive Producer / Creative Director ( 2006-present) Projects: 
• Project Manager/Executive Producer for a national tourism movie for the office of the Crown Prince of KSA, HH Mohammad Bin Salman /leading a team of 32 key persons including the expert CGI team of Game of Thrones from Poland, the Animated face replacement team from France & technical team from USA for the period of 5 months covering 15,000 KMs & 23 locations around Saudi (To be aired in July 2019) 
• Executive Producer for Wizzo mobile app digital campaign with the Mega Star Haifa Wahbe 
• Executive Producer/Creative Director for Abu Dhabi TV project (Ghayir Hyatak) 2 years on a row (2018,2019) 
• Create and produce 260 hours for broadcast and digital of food cooking content for Alaan TV (Filming in UAE, KSA & Lebanon) • Project Manager/Creative Director for the food products campaign for the Greece & European Union office broadcasted on French & Belgium TV stations 
• Create and produce 40 hours for broadcast and digital content for an educational entertaining desert life reality show (UAE) 
• Executive Producer for the new image campaign for MBC broadcasting in June 2019, filmed with 25 presenters 
• Create and produce 60 hours for a cooking videos digital platform Chi Tayeb TV (Filming in UAE, Egypt & Lebanon) 
• Creative Director for the reality TV show “Stars on Board” season 3 & 4 (Italy, Spain, France, Croatia & USA) 
• Executive Producer & Content Developer for the spiritual TV show “Al Qalb Al Saleem” Season 2, broadcasted on OSN (Filmed in Thailand) 
• Executive Producer/Creative Director for 4 seasons of the American reality TV show “MTS” filming each season in a different country (Filmed in UAE, Thailand, Hong Kong & Bahamas) 
• Executive Producer/Director for the documentary of the ministry of Education of KSA filmed in (Filmed in Egypt, Riyadh, Jeddah & Makah) 


AHMAD HATOUM: 22 years’ experience in the media industry in KSA & UAE
 • Ahmad worked for the leading Okaz Organization in KSA with revenues exceeding SAR 500M yearly, he was handling the Advertising sales of the multinational advertising agencies . 
 • Since the last 10 years to present, Ahmad Hatoum works for MBC Group as the head of marketing of Al Arabiya & Al Hadath news channels.  Over and above his responsibilities, MBC management extended Ahmad’s role to handle MBC radios (3 years) & Corporate projects (2 years)
 • Ahmad enjoys a solid media background in the region & a good reputation in the industry, some of his competencies are:
 o Strategic Brand research (media & advertisers)
 o Strategic communication planning (i.e. Ahmad planned & executed the 2030 vision communication on MBC + Launch of Hadath News channel, etc .)
 • Ahmad will add value to our team with his Analytical skills .. Ahmad is someone who can easily connect with the client and his needs, his scientific & pragmatic approach will facilitate our operation in KSA market that he knows very well!
 • Current projects are confidential with KSA Govt.

ARMAND ANDREA: Award Winner in Branding & Media Industry
 Senior Operations Executive with a demonstrated record of exceeding profitability goals, turn around underperforming units and driving increased revenues and market share
 Currently the “Senior VP - Commercial, Partnerships and Business Development” – GENOMEDIA STUDIOS - Establishing new OTP(Online TV Platform) competitive to Netflix in its 1st collaboration with Abu Dhabi and Riyadh Govt.

MOAMEN HAMDAN - Market & Brand Linguistics Specialist more than 15years in UAE and GCC Market.
 Currently the Head of Department of Noon the top E-commerce in Arab World.
MAHER CHIBLI: Senior Film & Media Producer based in KSA. 10+ years of experience in animation and sophisticated motion picture. Serviced Hollywood films as a production arm in Saudi Arabia and Produced numerous TVCs and films for VIPs in Saudi and UAE.
 JIBU VARGHESE: More than 15 years experience in Film & Video Production, Post-production & 3d & 2d Animation/Graphics with an intensive connection in Bollywood. Currently working as Chief Technical Officer in RGB Studios

Assurance (to be named by Investor[s]) 

Next Steps 
◦Zoom or FTF meeting with Kamal 
◦Exchange Confidentiality Agreement 
◦Perform Due Diligence 
◦Agree Terms and Conditions 

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