Flying Club $7.5million Equity Membership (up to 4 members each stake $1.875 mn)

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Contact: Aydin Peter Barker; 888-671-7911; [email protected]
Club Membership
Limited to up to 4 members
  • Cost of equity membership $1,875,000 (25% equity stake) or $7.5 million for 100% equity stake. 
  • Entitles each equity member to 250 fully funded & crewed flight (non-cumulative) hours per annum for 5 years
    • Total cost per flight hour equates to $800/hours v $2,500/ hour from charter operation!
    • Club is dissolved at year 5, assets sold and a return of capital is paid out, estimated at $875,000 ($3.5mn total pay out). 
  • 5th Member: Managing Members Interest Carried and capped at 10%
  • Non-For-Profit Organization
  • Club Operated from Private Airfield in Texas
  • Secure communications between Managing Member and Members
  • Confidentiality Agreements and Security Clearances in Place for all personnel
  • Security briefing for members for departure and arrivals
  • Aircraft Available 24/7/365 and can be re-positioned within the USA within 24 hours subject to aircraft availability
Bloomberg, & Reuters recently reported that research firms are tracking aircraft owned by public companies and advising clients on potential deals
  • Michael Kors’s acquisition of Versace
  • Berkshire Hathaway investment Occidental Petroleum
  • Conagra’s purchase of Pinnacle Foods
All the above were tipped solely based on corporate jet travel activity

Financial sleuthing aside, the security risks that travelers on business aircraft may face has increased to unprecedented levels

Pilot In Command
  • 2,249 Total Flight Time
    • No Mishaps
  • Former Military IMC & Flight Instructor
  • Flight Safety International Trained
  • Expert in Unimproved Short Field Take-offs and Landings, Night Operations, Offshore Operations
  • Former Top Secret Clearances
  • Most versatile and valued business aircraft in the world
  • Next level of refinement, efficiency, and technological advancement
  • Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE) sets the bar for ultimate control and situational awareness. Safety of flight is the highest priority includes an array of new technologies like tactile feedback in unusual attitudes, an Emergency Descent Mode (EDM), and a Crew Alerting System (CAS) that automatically calls up the appropriate electronic checklist on the multi-function display. Powerful. Intuitive.
  • Versatile platform from executive transport, to sleeper to cargo
  • Top cruise speed of 290 knots (333 MPH; 537 KPH). Maximum range 1,765 nautical miles (2,031 miles; 3,269 kilometers)

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