Revolution Mining Corp.

Raising $3-5 million to produce 3K-26K tons of iron ore + gravel, gold, rare earths

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I've developed the strongest commercially available magnetic separator in the USA, with 4 patent-able designs, which turn low grade ore (1/2%-2%) into high grade ore (88-97% XRF verified), for use in the iron ore and gold mining industry. The last time something like this happened for iron mining was in the 1970s, and it saved Rockefeller Steel from bankruptcy! The ore was turned from 30% to 92% taconite ore back then, and to this day only minor improvements have been made... the mines will run out of good quality ore soon! Until now. Next generation of mining is here, at our company.

Our vision is to bring global-level iron ore export production back to the USA (add 54,000,000 tons production per year with 2,700 units after IPO), produce and sell steel through pipe and rebar partners with the new $160B~ demand by Green New Deal. The 10th Model separator performs 76x better (price vs. performance) than competitors models in the mineral separation industry, based on consistent test results, enabling our company to trail blaze and disrupt the secondary iron ore industry, worth a global $40 billion! 

Through partnerships we're looking to establish, and then rapidly scale major production, hiring, private and commercial land acquisition, computer modeling and surface drilling-assaying, mineral rights re-zoning, and in-house assembly of separators. Customers are presently evaluating early samples for sales proposals. Plan for first surface mobile mining unit, with professional consulting, business data modeling, is approximately $1.5 million cost including operating unit and professionally planned financial setup ($8,500). 

Current production capability with 1 separator is $178,000 max revenue per year. First round of $1.5 million would go towards the construction of a 24 x 4 separator equivalent MMU that will produce $17-34,000,000 steel plus $6-12,000,000 in estimated gravel inventory. 

Offering 30-49% equity for $3-4.9 million essential land, $1.5 million equipment budget, and resource studies, which will turn to earning an estimated $17-$34m annually. Upside 1 year and 3 months is $80,000,000 revenue annually. Asking $100.00 initial price per share x 30,000-49,000 shares. Minimum investment commitment is $100.00. Target Series B or IPO exit for initial investors is $1,632 / share x P/E value.

Presently looking for $8,500 to complete professional business plan, and $6,500 to build first commercial base model for roadshow and $15,000 for 5,000 hour belt/machine field testing. $400,000 gold mining equipment for side-business setup. Gravel is at least $154,000 machines. Rental conveyors ($7,000 and $280,000) based on availability from outsourced partners. Foundry partner and in-house foundry solution is in final stages.

Traction Updates:

Need legal counsel for mineral rezoning or land use permits and mining bond application process. 
CFO is hired, awaiting funding. % Equity.
CEO still awaiting funding to recruit. Expected $300k annual.
Legal mining counsel and mining consulting firms have been decided.  Mitchel Chadwick, et al, and partners/affiliates will be retained. $4-6,000/day.
Computer projections and data analysis company has been determined. $4,000/day.
Currently working with a few different computer engineering companies to create a demonstration video.
Data collection method has been determined, but iron ore data entry and recording method hasn't been planned out yet. Sample processing done by customers and  MES Engineering.
Custom Manufacturing partners are ready with funding, but assembly must be built-out with warehouse rental and hiring, HR, legal, payroll, licensing, custom assembly devices, handbook and training development, etc.
Meeting with commercial bankers on a regular basis to determine best route for success.
Awaiting response from SBA. = Pitch Deck & Fundraiser = Company Website (Currently under construction)

Mailing address:

99 Wall St. Suite #5369
New York City, NY

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