Raising $250K ($32K already raised) to market & launch our Interactive Music Video & Social Network Mobile App.

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Revohloo based in Las Vegas NV, and we've developed patent pending interactive music video and advertising technologies which Create value for Artists, Rights holders, and Advertisers. We're currently running a Reg CF Campaign to fund the initial marketing & launch  of our Mobile App. We've raised over $32,000 and we're looking for investors interested in writing small checks to help close this round early, so we can leverage that press and create buzz for Revohloo.

Patent Pending Music Video Tech: Imagine your favorite artist offered you a music video, with different beginnings, middles, and endings, empowering you with the unique ability to Remix, Create and Share up to 256 official versions of their music video. Well, you don't have to imagine it... We built it, people love it, and now we're going to scale the technology! Visit our website for a lot more information and to Experience our Amazing Technology for Yourself!

Patent Pending Ad-Tech:
Revohloo AdDefender stitches Ads (pre-roll videos) into a Revohloo (interactive music video) and delivers one file packet the viewer, defending against ANY ad-blocking technologies and giving Revohloo a very unique competitive advantage. Revohloo AdDefender creates a Powerful Value Proposition to offer advertisers.

Learn more about Revohloo by visiting our Equity CF Campaign on Net Capital and Join The Revohoo'tion!

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