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Honey Beverage Manufacturing C Corporation is Looking to pay off a 26% shareholder for $1,050,000.00 or sell the Company

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RevHoney, Inc is a Honey Beverage Manufacturing  C -Corporation (

Honey has around for thousands of years and is mentioned as early as 2100 B.C. in ancient Egyptian, Indian and Sumerian writing. From the land of milk and honey mentioned in biblical times, honey and the art of beekeeping has developed through the centuries.

The Brown family took up beekeeping in the early 1900’s in Kansas and Nebraska, and it has become a family heritage and tradition ever since. RevHoney is a natural extension of the Brown family’s love for honey and health. Bringing innovative honey products to market both strengthens the family tradition and pushes honey back to its rightful place as the golden standard of healthy foods.   RevHoney was started in the small Kansas town of Haddam in 2010.    Because of the great growth of the company in 2018, RevHoney’s main production facility was moved to the beautiful town of Bolivar, Missouri, on the edge of the Missouri Ozarks.
 Brown Honey Farms was Kansas’ largest honey producer from 1990 to 2013, and now focuses on making innovative products with honey.

The Company has steadily grown and has independent distributors across the US...
We formulate, produce and sell Sparkling Honey Beverages with 10% Honey as the sweet source. 
Our Model is to have Commerical Beekeepers from across the US ship their honey, we produce the beverage with their honey and sell it back to them to distribute as a local product
The cost of their honey is deducted from their invoice. 

We also sell on E Commence like Amazon and sell in Wholefoods...

We have 13 Beverages... (2) Sparkling Botanical Honey Drinks (5) Sparkling Green Tea & Fruit Honey Drinks (3)  Sparkling Fruit Soda Honey Drinks (3) Honey Energy Drinks 
The Carbonation is a natural preservative  

We have proven our product in the market place and its ready to go national with the right backing.
We are the only Manufacturing Facility in the US that produces these Healthy Good for you Beverages 

Our Goal is to replace all the unhealthy drinks, soda, teas and energy drink currently on the market with our beverages

We are in immediate need to raise funds in the sum of $900,000.00. Selling the Company is an available option.

We have less then 30 days so time is of the essence.

We have done the hard work developing the products, introducing it to the marketplace and creating a customer base ...whereas we can make it a local honey product in each state

Please call if interested. 785-747-6103 or 785-778-6099

Jerry Brown 

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