Funding for the expansion of the largest circular economic marketplace- We Offer Sustainability with profit to our clients Established business with a massive growth plan

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We are a leader in circular economics and we are revolutionizing the way surplus assets are handled in the life sciences industry. Established business with a massive growth plan, $9MM in revenue in 2022. 

Our mission is to create opportunities for reuse, allowing companies to bring a sophisticated program and technology to their sustainability goals. With over $62 billion in surplus coming out of use each year in the life sciences industry, most of it going to landfills or getting sold for low value through auctions or resellers, REUZEit is poised to change the game.

We are seeking investors to help us build our scale and meet the growing demand for our services. Our CESAM (Circular Economic Surplus Asset Management) platform streamlines sustainability efforts, maximizes investment recovery, and generates more CO2 offsets for all of our clients and members.

Join us in creating a new economy, a new way of handling surplus.

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