Republic Capital Company: Multifamily or Construction

Invest 1M to 5M in Multifamily Real-estate or Business acquisitions in Construction. Targets ranging from roughly 50M to 100M.

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Acquiring cash-flow in related industries to our background in Multifamily Real-Estate, Construction (General Contractors, Utility) located throughout various parts in the  US where mass migrations are happening, and we have exposure to EBITDA-positive companies and decades of personal & family experience. Feel free to visit our website at to get a general sense of who we are. Wanting to discuss your firm's ability to service debt ranging from 5M to 10M and or mixed with other possibilities. We are negotiating with several targets that are +50M deals.  We have Private Lending ready.
Let us know the next steps. I'm bookable here through Calendly at
Cesar Trevizo 
Republic Capital Company

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