Rental properties / Flipping run down houses in CO

Raising $3 million to put toward purchasing more rental properties in Colorado

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Rental properties in Colorado will always be in demand and right now with everyone moving here from California the demand is only getting greater.  Fort collins where theres a growing college community thats only getting bigger. From  Fort collins, CO all the way down to Colorado Springs, CO.  There is still plenty of properties that are in desperate need of a remodel so people will move in. Plan is to use this money to put money down on properties that need some work, Fix them up a month or 2, rent them out accordingly at current market rents. Continue this process over and over to restore the area and to get rid of run down properties that are sore eye to any community. So all i ask is please believe in my vision with me and let's bring some life back to communities around the U.S. and more. Thank you for reading.

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