Renegade of Light

Raising $1 million to produce a reality based sci/fi movie.

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I have written and am producing a feature film with "A" list attachments. My budget is $1 million.  The screenplay "Renegade of Light" has won 8 awards in film festivals internationally.
"Renegade of Light" is exciting as the times we are living in today.  This unique story, weaves together the action/sci-fi genre with deep and profound metaphysical overtones. It brings to public awareness, for the first time in this format, the age old understanding and shocking revelation that a malevolent interdimensional race of Reptilians operating just beyond the range of normal human perception, have locked humanity into a false holographic matrix of fear, chaos and control, from which they know few in their entire lifetimes would ever excape without help from higher forces. They also know that time is short, for they have violated Universal Law and help is on the way.
While an investor offered me $3 million for the copyrights, I had to decline because I need to remain in control of the direction of this story. 


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Renegade of Light is no longer seeking funding.