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Raising $1M to Fund Innovative Supplement Company

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Company Overview:
We are creating a portfolio of combination supplements to address the side effects and nutritional deficiencies associated with prescription medication. While the benefits of prescription supplementation are known and often touted by medical practitioners (e.g., statins and CoQ10), the market for prescription supplementation is relatively undeveloped. Those seeking a solution must perform their own research, source individual ingredients from different vendors, and take a large number of pills each day. In combining multiple ingredients into a single combination supplement, we will remove several barriers to prescription supplementation and provide consumers with a more accessible, more affordable, and more sustainable supplement solution.   

Product Offerings:
Our products, and their intended benefits, are supported by clinical research and are specific to each targeted drug class. Our two introductory products ("CoScribe+ Stimulants" and "CoScribe+ Antidepressants") are designed to be taken with stimulants and antidepressant medications. These products were selected for the following reasons:

  • Chronic Disease:  ADHD and Depression are both chronic diseases that require long-term use of medication 
  • Tangible and Addressable Side Effects:  Stimulants and Antidepressants have tangible side-effects that can be managed through supplementation
  • Large User Base:  As of 2019, there were approximately 20 million prescribed stimulant users and 39 million prescribed antidepressant users in the U.S. 
  • Mental Health Awareness:  Both products capitalize on the growing trend of mental health awareness
Multi-Channel Distribution:
  • Ecommerce:  Ecommerce will be the primary channel of distribution via the company’s proprietary website: (domain name purchase, design / build phase currently underway) 

  • Physician Clinics:  Integrative physician clinics present a significant opportunity for CoScribe sales through direct engagement with our target customers – prescription stimulant and antidepressant users who are interested in complementary forms of healthcare. Dr. James Pinckney, our Chief Medical Officer, will spearhead clinical sales through the following efforts:
    •  Recommend our products to stimulant and antidepressant users in his practice (269 patients) 
    •  Leverage his position as Director of the ROAMD physician network to potentially expand into an additional 100 affiliate practices 
    •  Help penetrate other large-scale physician / psychiatric networks 
Growth Opportunities:
  •   Product Expansion (Near-Term)
    •  Significant opportunity for product expansion as there are 20,000+ prescription drugs that make up the $350bn U.S. prescription drug market

  •   Channel Expansion (Mid-Term)
    •  Expanding into existing online marketplaces (i.e., Amazon, Fullscript, etc.)
    •  Shelf space within pharmacies (e.g., Walgreens, CVS, etc.) represents a large opportunity as it aligns the purchase of CoScribe products with the underlying medication 

  •  White-Labeling (Long-Term) 
    •  White-labeling our prescription supplements to trusted retail outlets (e.g., Walgreens, CVS, etc.) offers the opportunity to increase revenue and grow the category as a whole  
Leadership Team:
  • Conor Feeney
    • Title:  Co-Founder
    • Education:  Gonzaga University (BBA); University of Texas at Austin (MBA)
    • Experience:  Investment Banking (Consumer & Retail); M&A / Corporate Strategy 

  • Seth Copeland
    • Title:  Co-Founder
    • Education:  Southern Methodist University (BBA) 
    • Experience:  Investment Banking (Consumer & Retail); M&A / Corporate Strategy

  •  Dr. James Pinckney 
    • Title:  Chief Medical Officer
    • Education:  Wake Forest University (BBA); Baylor University (MD)  
    • Experience:  Primary Care Physician; Diamond Health (CEO); ROAMD (Director); Supplement Distribution Business (Owner)  

  • Patrick Feeney
    • Title:  Chief Strategy Officer
    • Education:  Cornell University (BBA); Northwestern University (JD/MBA)  
    • Experience:  Healthcare Entrepreneur; Private Equity (Partner); Growth Capital and Special Situations Investing 

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