On-Trend Tech & Real Estate Syndication (2 projects)

$50 - $1M - diversified projects (Real Estate & Tech) Equity, partnership, or pure loan structure available as well.

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Hello! I'm working two projects in parallel right now until one or the other catches steam. 

Real Estate Syndication
This is a somewhat conventional RE syndication company .  We leverage deep local connections to maximize efficiency in value-add properties. Our team members have been in real estate for decades and flipped over 50 homes. Subcontractors, general contractors,  property managers, and potential off-market property owners are on speed dial and known on a first name basis. We need funds for early web development and down payments on our first properties to show our LP's that we're "in" as well. There is a small bit of (optional) tech that the industry may find valuable that I could easily oversee the development of. But that's not a focal. We are Syndication++.

On-trend tech
This is a merriment between tech and social media influencers that creates both efficiencies as well as added value into influencer marketing (I don't need to tell you that more money gets poured into here every year). This project has the potential to become part of the lexicon of every social media user. I've just begun the branding & IP phases. NO - it's not an influencer agency. But influencers will be compelled to depart whatever agency they have and adopt this technology to decrease their up-time with brands and increase their value propositions to both their brands and audiences alike.

I'm open to a variety of structures - let's talk! But I would like to make connections and learn about what you would like to see materialized before making an investment so I can be more efficient and goal oriented in my near term effort and spend.  I'm happy to negotiate as well as structure something more solid to start with. 

Thanks for your interest!
Here's a little personal background. I'm currently a full time Aerospace Engineer (7 years in). I work 40-50hrs a week and make $96k / year. I have a steady career consistently earning a raise every year (last year was 6% and I've had other's closer to 10%). With the personal confidence I have in my businesses, I'm eager to give up the career that I've been developing since my freshman year in high-school. (18 years ago!).. I have two businesses in a nascent phase. I'm eager to take a pay cut to feed and water my businesses full time.

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