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A new social media app on the market, Reinbow, allows authentic engagement-based growth for users without the pretense of most conventional platforms.
The Reinbow app offers a platform to create genuine connections and interactions, allowing users to reach millions without fabricating false perceptions and lives.
An Authentic Socialization Platform 
Social media dominates the current age; it's a powerful tool that helps interact and reach people most wouldn't have ever met otherwise. Whether it's interpersonal relationships or business, social media has undoubtedly helped cultivate them more easily. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and conventional socializing apps have become a source of fake personas and lives. With powerful editing tools, users upload false narratives. Instead of aiding in meeting new people and having fun, it has cultivated an environment of self-doubt, envy, and mental health issues.
Unlike many other popular platforms, Reinbow allows users to post authentic content. The app aims to create an atmosphere where people can be free to be themselves and enjoy each other's company. The application allows the use of in-app videos only, removing the likelihood of uploading heavily edited videos using third-party software. 
Furthermore, Reinbow only permits real-time front-facing videos, allowing viewers to see unmanipulated content. It allows real users to interact without worrying whether the person or influencer on the other end is fake or insincere. 
With Reinbow, people can move past aimless scrolling and superficial exchanges in conversation and look forward to finding crowds that welcome them for who they are. This unique app ability makes it kid-friendly, a feature unheard of in traditional social media apps.
Helps Reach Millions of People
The app's algorithm functions so that the more creators engage on the Reinbow app, the more their visibility increases. 
Unlike other social media companies, the app offers its color change function. The color on their profile correlates to their engagement; as users' posts increase in frequency, their color changes as they reach more people. 
Reinbow's design helps real users create authentic content, which they can show to more and more people as they level up in color.
Meeting Like-Minded Individuals
When the app puts aside all the usual pretenses of social media, users can meet real people with similar interests. 
Whether it's about art, books, music, food, or anything else, people can feel at ease expressing their genuine interests without putting up facades. Once the barrier of impressing people with fake content to create a popular profile is removed, people can be free to make new genuine friends.
Reinbow is the perfect app for real users looking to find and post authentic content. It allows genuine representation of one's personality on their profile which is a breath of fresh air amongst the other traditional social media apps. Reinbow has over one million users with an average rating of five stars in the app store.

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