REED Nonprofit Needs Our Forever Home Ranch

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Our goal and need is to raise matching funds for our forever home ranch property for our REED Nonprofit. 
We are so excited to finally have a home base to share the natural beauty of Colorado outdoor adventures with the greater community in need. Our home base community is the Roaring Fork Valley of Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs Colorado. 

Since 2001 Red Earth Healing Programs have been helping trauma survivors and others to find a reconnection through nature. After retiring, we formed our nonprofit in 2022  to help bring our indigenous-based healing programs to a larger community. As a military and first responder family, we continued over 20 years to provide healing modalities based on getting out into nature to lose oneself a bit and have a chance to reconnect and find one's purpose. Life is tough, we provide support for the WIN. Warriors In Nature, Warrior Walks, and WINGS are programs we have created based on our indigenous heritage and teachings. Our children’s program REWNA, Red Earth Wild Nature Academy, is a summer camp, additionally soon to be online learning portal, for learning good skills of self-discovery that will last a lifetime. It's In Our Nature is our motto and ethos. 
These wonderful programs and resources are available and ready for our forever home. 
Please help support our efforts in finally procuring our forever home ranch property and help provide nature adventures with a purpose to trauma survivors, NDEs, military veterans, first responders, and underserved women and children. 

Our summer camp-style adventures are programmed to bring each guest a nature connection and grounding, provided by qualified certified coaches, eco guides,  therapists, wranglers, and more, all in a rustic dude ranch atmosphere.  
The Sunlight Ranch is for sale! Over 800 acres of pristine nature in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, bordering the National Forest with thousands of acres, where we can literally ride off into the sunset! Located just 20 minutes from over the top amenities that will round out our adventures. From whitewater rafting and gondolas to an adventure park and cave to world class hot springs used by the Ute natives for millennia. Our personal indigenous heritage brings the perfect trifecta where history and nature adventures with purpose will meet. 

Please, we are asking for your help to bring this 20 plus years of hard work and a dream together by bringing us to our forever home purchase. Will you help build our new forever home and help create a community filled with amazing opportunities to serve? 

Tonda Nampaio-Cardenas
Executive Director/Founder

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