Raising $50,000 Start-up Capital. We will be providing mentored sober living homes to create futures with our clients that they never want to go back to addiction again!!

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I have started a Non-Profit Organization for the purchase of Mentored Sober living home's. We will help addicts create a new future for themselves! A life without Addiction! We will have Mentors that will help with signing up for things like Diploma's/GED's, FASFA'S, College, Job Resume's, transportation for work, school,etc. As well as training for those in the respective fields the individuals would like to pursue to change their Future's and their Live's!! 
I am a recovering alcoholic!  I also am a business owner and have had several successful businesses in my past. Including owner/ vice president of TI-BER Construction. Tipton investments Inc. Flipping real estate. Vivid color paint and repair I started because of my remodeling and flipping homes. I understand the real estate market and believe we are at an advantage here soon to purchase these homes at a far lower price than two years ago. I have also Raced motorcycles off-road for 40 years. I have been part of multiple clubs such as The Sage Riders of Utah and had my own club USA Promotions for a few years, putting on racing events for most of my Entire Life. I raced Semi-professionally for about ten years all over the western states and Baja 1000 and 500 In the 90s.  I have fought my addiction off and on for 15 years. I have been in multiple treatment centers. All of them really good and all of them helped me especially in understanding myself!!  And yet when I left the facility, Every Single time!! I was lost? I knew what I had to do to be a normal human being. And yet I had zero direction. I had fears of working for others because I never have, And it led me back to drinking eventually. This from my experience is where we lose a lot of people back to addiction as well as suicide, because of feeling hopeless. A lot of addicts start at a very young age. Some as young as ten. These people have an altered state of understanding and have no idea how to start school. Get their GED, file their FASFA's, write a job resume, or really have any skills to be able to work?  And this is were we lose them! We are losing 11 souls every week from overdose. Based on and I am sure it's probably more than that now? All of these deaths are only from opioids! Now add In alcohol and other drugs as well as suicide and that count is Way to high!!  Overdose is the leading cause of death in Utah. More than Auto accidents, firearms, and falls, which falls in Utah happen a lot in these mountains. That is a scary statistic and getting worse by the day, with all that is going on today? We are all going to lose someone someday to this disease of choice, Every Single one of us!! And that is where we are different at RECOVERYRIDE.ORG.  We want our clients to do treatment, A lot of it!! We want to work with treatment centers and their councilors to understand what is going on with the person and the best ways to help? Also to understand if the clients are ready to move forward in their lives at that point. This is not a short term 30 day process. We will be committed to people giving us at least 6 months to create a real future for themselves. Still we would like people to do a year. I have lost way to many friends from addiction and a lot of my racing friends with that. We have all been busted up, broken bones and have pain. That leads us into addiction without even knowing we are addicted?  I am asking to raise, and help with raising 50 thousand dollars  for start up Capital to purchase the necessary things to keep moving forward! My entire life is invested in this project. As well as my wife. Me and my wife have purchased a newer Ford F350 diesel and brand new 40 ft fifth wheel that we live in year round now.  I have a brand new RMZ 450 to mark course and lay out our events.  I need to Finish filing my 501c3, and anything else that the state needs me to do to be legal.  I need to link all my business platforms and tech that I need. As well as purchase an  older side by side at some point to put on events. Right now I am trying to work through Google workspace and Microsoft 365. I have personally built my own web sight and domains. Which I have launched in Godaddy and need more funds to keep building. They all want a monthly fee of course. I need to make sure my truck is road worthy and be checked out and made ready for real travel as well as being mated to my fifth wheel. I have paid for everything I can up to this point. And I'm still working forward Every Single Day!!!  One thing anyone involved with me needs to know is I have Crohnes disease. I have been off work for issues with this disease the last two months. My disease comes and goes and I'm working with my doctor's to keep it under control. Still to provide for my family I have to build something that I can keep doing even if my body isn't doing me much good. I know that's not much of a pitch and yet I want anyone to know exactly the things I am dealing with right now and in My Life. I am pushing this as far as I can and would like to grow fast and large enough one day to help more than just Utah. I am looking everywhere I can to move this Forward and do some good in this world for people, change lives and make for a better safer state and country!! I have the experience in so many different aspects with this and understanding exactly what it is the addict needs to move forward not backward. My team right now is me and my wife and mother who has a lot of business experience herself. As projects admin for Geneva Rock. They have lived this with me and my entire family is behind me in this as well as several treatment centers that I know and have discussed this with and they are all on board. Still right now it is me pushing this. I will need help in so many ways?!! And I hope that there is a possibility in that with being here. I have lived that addicted life, I understand what happens. I have watched the things I have stated before happen over and over again. As I am sure most everyone has? I believe in this with all I am, I have done my research and due diligence over the past 5 years of dreaming about and figuring out just how to do this. And most importantly for myself to be of sound mind and living the life I will be teaching and mentoring as well as learning myself? while we journey down this path with our clients together!! We are ready to fully launch and become fully operational within the next week or two using whatever I can to keep going. I believe in what I am doing!!  I have proven it to myself and those close to me and now I would really like to show others that this works. It's not the same. And ALL of us here at  RECOVERYRIDE.ORG hope that others can see the things we are trying to do? The difference in the things we will be doing in helping Stop Addiction, Stop losing family members and friends that we love!! There is one thing I know how to do and that is to shift gears and gas it and I have the throttle wide open with this!! Thank you for taking the time to read my pitch. Even if this is not for you I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and understand what I am doing. Maybe you know of someone that wants to be part of our team? Any help of any kind even information is fantastic and very greatly appreciated!!

Appreciatively yours,
Tyler Wade Tipton
Recovery Ride Inc.

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