Bitcoin Mining

Raising money to start a bitcoin mining operation in the state of Texas.

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I am looking to start a bitcoin mining farm,  in the state of Texas.  My overall goal is to mine Bitcoin as it's on track to possibly cost 100k per coin by the end of the year. But also any other cryptocurrency that was high potential to have great returns in the long run but also short. With the growth of the popularity of cryptocurrency, big companies have started accepting it as a way of paying which has caused an increase in demand. Most recently Tesla started accepting it which caused the value of bitcoin to go up.
To run the overall mining farm we will need a team of engineers that will build mining rigs to keep expanding and also check the status of the mines daily to make sure they are working properly with anything else that needs to be done.
An accounting team that will focus on the financial side of the operation.
A Dealmaker that will make deals with the company or wholesalers to make sure we are getting the best price for the products we need. For example a graphics card
Security guard possibly or just a security system to ensure no unwanted activity occurs.
The plan of the mine is to possibly have it located in a place where we could get the price of electricity as cheap as possible. Since electricity will be the biggest expense in mining. Giving us the option to have the mine located in a town where we can take advantage of the low electricity cost. 
Something that could be done is buy a warehouse that will allow the mining operation to start quicker rather than building one from the bottom up.

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