ReAbility, Inc.

ReAbility seeking $1,000,000 in seed money to manufacturer and distribute our exercise device into Pro Bono PT/OT clinics, Outpatient PT Centers,and Hospitals.

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 Innovative Physical Rehab Solution with Exceptional Investment Potential
ReAbility, Inc., a Connecticut start-up, introduces a groundbreaking, patent-pending physical rehabilitation device, the ReAbility WorkStation Pro. Compact yet powerful, it integrates 12+ exercise devices within 400 square feet, catering especially to seniors and those with mobility challenges. 
What sets our device apart is its sophisticated vertical lifting motors, which facilitate various recovery exercises, making it essential for those recovering from serious injuries or illnesses.
Our market potential is vast, tapping into the over $50 billion U.S. outpatient rehab sector, ripe for innovative solutions like ours. Our model's scalability, suitable for both clinical and home use, sets us up for rapid market growth. Our team has decades of experience in physical therapy, healthcare, and tech. We’re on track to lead in rehabilitation technology.
For investors, ReAbility Inc. is an enticing prospect. Our robust business model targets a growing market need, projecting a North American ROI of 20x to 25x within a 5-7-year timeframe. 

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ReAbility, Inc. is no longer seeking funding.