RBM Business Holdings Inc

Raising 10M+ to expand current business operations.

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We are a multi company holding company that offers a multitude of services from bookkeeping and tax prep/strategies to restaurants to Managed IT and deer herd management/video production and land purchasing. We are looking for investors to expand our current operations for our different businesses and the purchase of a corporate headquarters to house all the operational needs of the different businesses. 

We have a solid base of bookkeeping and tax clients along with a blooming managed IT client base. These are the backbones of the companies and all have contracts in place for the next 1-5 years. We also offer estate planning for clients along with business consulting services if they need any help with formation through expansion of their ideas.

We are also expanding our current hunting video production and are looking to purchase property to expand that company and viewing membership.  We currently film one of the owners hunting adventures and are expanding our reach beyond just social media. 

With the land management part of this company we are looking to create the ultimate hunting experience to bring in hunters from around the world to experience hunting in Texas.  We are working with several outfitters to create the best plan for herd management all the way to processing for the clients. We will also be introducing a buffalo herd to the property to allow for breeding and then consumption of the buffalo's for restaurants all the way down to the everyday person. This will require a processing facility that we will introduce onto the property also.

We also have a burgeoning restaurant business that needs operational income to expand beyond it's current location. It has a food truck and a brick and mortar location, but we are wanting to move to a higher foot traffic location. We have scouted out several spots that will take the restaurant beyond what it currently does right now.  They do have a lively catering department that handles multiple different events every month. We have a classically trained chef that has created the menu and continues to expand and rotate the menu offered at the restaurant,

Thank you to all for consideration.

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