Ramini Bio Nutrition

Raising $3Million for establishment manufacturing units of Plant based proteins & Plant based Milk , Fermentation unit and Probiotics using CRISPR Technology, the

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Dear Sir/Madam, "Seeking investments in highly profitable & future IPO Nutra Company...!" I trained Genome Editing tools in Harvard..! plz go through below website: www.raminibionutrition.com Ramini Bio Nutrition Pvt Ltd is a Nutraceutical formulators & Manufacturers company, I acquired this company a few months ago. My dream & passion is to bring this company to IPO in NEW YORK  Stocks & SENSEX (India) in 3 to 5 years. Recently I signed a contract, Nutraceutical products export to Europe for 3 years of $ 1 Million. funds needed to establishment of   3 manufacturing Units : 1. Nutraceutical formulations & manufacturing 2. Fermentation plant units: including (I) upstream & downstream for production of(a)Co Q 10 Enzyme ( it reduces statin side effects and mitochondrial booster, as we knew mitochondria powerhouse of the human cell). (b) Lycopene it is powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer (c) Astaxanthin (d) Natto kinase (e) Microbiome Anti-inflammatory probiotics, Anti atherosclerotic probiotic, Anti-aging probiotic, Prevent Chronic Diseases probiotic ( likeā€¦.Cancer, Obesity, HTN )etc... 3. Meat Production: from Plant Based, Cultivated & Fermentation 4. Plant based Milk : Oat, Coconut, Almond 5. Genome Editing: using CRISPR Technology mainly. This tool we can use in probiotics/ microbiome to reduce atherosclerotic issues, human mental problems like Gut-Brain syndrome..! & EPIGENOME Lab and also plant kingdom like Medicinal Herbs. We can increase the therapeutic  efficacy through CRISPR.( no one has done it so far so FIRST entry will be a great advantage for us!) 
contact email: [email protected]
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