RAAW Enterprises, LLC

Raising income for the build-out a DC Fast charging infrastructure throughout the state of Tennessee.

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Beginning in the Knoxville are of Tennessee, it is the intent of RAAW Enterprises, LLC to begin the build-out of a DC fast charging infrastructure throughout the state of Tennessee.  At the current time, Tennessee is one of the lowest states in the country for installed charging stations.  Specifically, according to recent data, there are 7,8010 EVs registered in the state with an average distance between public chargers 68.64 miles. This equates to 1,401 charging states scattered throughout the state.  In addition, the majority of installed EV charging station are destination chargers.  This type of charger requires at least 8 hours to fully charge an EV.   By installing DC fast charging stations, beginning on the I-40 corridor, RAAW will provide the placement and operation of an adequate and convenient electric vehicle charging network that bolsters market acceptance by offering more flexible charging opportunities at commonly visited locations.  To make the EV charging network profitable to investors, our intent is to engage in a franchise opportunity with a convenience store/gas station to be co-located at each of the charging stations.  It is the preference of RAAW Enterprises to engage with 7-11.  A very well-established storefront through the southern United States.  It will be essential to have a convenience store located with the charging network to establish a reasonable return on investment. 
 It is the intent of RAAW Enterprises to repay investors through a royalty financing arrangement at 1.5 times their initial investment.  It is also RAAW Enterprises intent to promote corporate social responsibility by donating 10% of company profits back to the communities that it serves.  Net profits will be (in general) distributed as follows:
 20% - Royalty payment to investors
 10% - Community Social Responsibility donations
 30% - Dividends to all investors
 30% - Expansion of RAAW Enterprises EV Recharging Network/Convenience Stores
 10% - Expansion of RAAW Enterprises into other environmentally responsible businesses. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for the investor and the communities we will be serving.  To gain a better understanding of our business model and intentions of RAAW Enterprises, I would absolutely love to speak directly to all potential investors and look forward to hearing from you.  

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