QuickTip LLC "SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE" Destined for an Billion IPO.late 2024-Seeking a total of $15.5Mil equity/vc ($250K Min.), It is prolific

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QuickTip LLC is seeking $15.5 Million dollars (USD) VC equity funding; the minimum investment is $250K. Funding is for our continuing promotion and completion of our intellectual property prior to our IPO in 36-40 months. We are now bringing in major advertisers and our site is growing exponentially with creative development, growth, content and so much more to come, as its content is never ending and knows no borders. To date, the founderes have spent millions of dollars and four years in development.
Please give this invitation as an equity investor in https://www.QuickTip.com a serious look, it could well be another huge winner in your portfolio.
Presently in Beta, Alpha debut June 2023.

·         A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Avatars in the metaverse
·         APPs.  Apple and Google
·         AR (Augmented Reality)
·         Animated Bots
·         Games (thousands)
·         Innumerable Informational Articles, Inspirational Stories and Engaging Content 
--------(Every Subject you can Imagine)
·         Metaverse library w/ portals for all
·         Multi-source content information provider
·         Nationwide household name (less than two-three years out)
·         Open source-cross platform
·         Unlimited and Massive advertising platform
·         Social community- media platform with moderation
·         Thousands of High-Quality Recipes (User-Submitted)
·         Virtual Library Hosted on Cross Platform-all devices.
·         VR (Virtual Reality)

Quicktip.com brings to the table a active Beta-stage Intellectual property for everyone, all ages, personal and business and everywhere in-between. Our founders, management and developers provide their passion -- their focus on serving a large, un-met market need with an outstanding team and disruptive innovation, all ripe with ambition, vision, confidence and humility in our commitment to growing this intellectual property. 
Your visit to our site provides for a view of our present and future growth potential, and it is truly exponential. We are missionaries of information, entertainment and technical excellence and so much more. View our Business Plan at https://www.quicktip.com/qtbusinessplan.html and our beta Web 2/3 Prototype at https://www.quicktip.club.
Gary Petler- Co-Founder 
 [email protected]

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QuickTip.com is no longer seeking funding.