QuickTip LLC is seeking 15.Mil equity (minimum 250K) funding. QuickTip.com is prolific and valued at $155 Million dollars with no debt.and Incredible 3X + ROI potential after IPO.-

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QuickTip LLC, dba QuickTip.com/club is seeking $15Million  dollars (US) Venture capital equity funding; the minimum investment is $250K. Funding is for our continuing promotion and completion of our intellectual property prior to our IPO in 36-40 months.  We are now bringing in major advertisers and our site is growing exponentially with creative development, growth, content and so much more to come, as its content is never ending and knows no borders.  Please give this invitation as an equity investor in https://www.QuickTip.com a serious look.  it could well be another winner in your portfolio.
Quicktip is an ever-evolving community platform with tens of thousands of followers that caters to every demographic with useful Hints, Tips, Information, Gaming, News, Sports, Article Content, Inspirational Media, Quicktip Metaverse library, virtual reality, social media communities and more with four years and millions of dollars invested so far.

 View our Working Business Plan at https://www.quicktip.com/qtbusinessplan.html and our beta Web 2/3 Prototype at https://www.quicktip.club
Best Regards,
Jennifer Garrett, Co-Founder & President
QuickTip.com L.L.C.

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