Quantlio Investments

Raising $4M to build and online brokerage social trading platform.

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Today,  the   investment  industry is witnessing its greatest  technological transformation,
ascribed to the power of AI, big data applications, and human intelligence (HI). Automation
has become inevitable and disrupted every business line and is now being developed to
rationalize decision-making and information processing. AI techniques can augment HI to
allows individuals to employ big data applications in investment management. In other
words, the collective intelligence of machines and humans enable retail and professional
investors to navigate in the fast-changing forex, commodities, and indices markets.

Quantlio makes it easy and affordable for beginners and professionals to engage and grow
their investment with user-friendly investment tools and different strategic opportunities
called  QuantFolios. QuantFolios  are   predefined  portfolios   with   top-performing   funds
across different risk groups, created by advanced AI algorithms and supervised by an expert
team of proven asset management and AI specialists.

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