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Raising $50,000 to effectively market our Stock research site https://insidethestreet.com and to jumpstart several other products in development

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We are a consulting/web development company that has completed a new Stock research site allowing investors to see valuable historical analytics on the impact of trades made by Board Members, Officers, and large percent investors. We have accumulated and correlated the last 12 years of insider trades (and add more every day), and provide detailed charts and graphs indicating the context of the trade and the subsequent share price movement. We have a subscription model, charging $9.99 per month for access to the site. Subscribers can create "watch lists" allowing them to be notified each trading night when insiders or companies they are interested in have insider transactions.  This site has been launched, and we have approximately 100 subscribers which we "hand picked" to help validate the system and get crucial initial feedback. In order to hit our goal of 10,000 subscribers by 2Q 2021, we need approximately $20,000 to effectively "blitz market" the site by advertising on sites used by large numbers of Day Traders (whom we have identified as our #1 market).

Additionally, we have a hardware/software project in production which will be a game changer in the "lost or stolen pet" arena. Our patent pending hardware solution and revolutionary mobile application addresses concerns of 85 million pet owners in the US alone. According to the American Pet Products Association, 1/3 of all pets are lost at some point in their lives, and only 23% are found again. In addition, close to two million dogs and cats are stolen each year. This product can not only make a significant dent in these numbers, it will be very profitable. The hardware device, in quantity, will cost approximately $12 to manufacture and will sell for $49 ($20 wholesale). We need approximately $30,000 to complete the hardware production design, obtain the first run of 1,000 units, and begin a marketing campaign to veterinarians and "big box" pet supply retailers.  The additional $50,000 of our request is for additional inventory purchases and to create a targeted marketing appeal to pet owners across the world.

Our lead software developer, Jeffrey O'Donnell, has over 40 years of successful software design experience including work with Rockwell International and Westinghouse Nuclear. In total, our software team has over 150 years of software development and engineering experience.  

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