PVOH Enterprises, Inc.

Patented products using non-toxic polymers to replace plastic and its waste, designed to operate in the global marketplace.

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PVOH Enterprises is a group of energy, environmental and commercialization experts with a vetted global network formed as a response to the escalating issue that plagues our planet, plastic pollution.
Designed to operate in a global marketplace;
They are hot and cold water-soluble, non-toxic, and breakdown with no residue. They’re applicable across a multitude of categories such as shopping bags, garbage bags, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, electronic or chemical packaging and much more.
We will differentiate our offering from our competition to unlock growth in three ways. 
-       Focused B2C and B2B launch plans to drive dual revenue model and correct for long sales cycles in B2B markets.
-       International export/vendor management and domestic production facility launch expertise to drive cost out.
-       Government advocation, tax credit, and legislative efforts to offset higher production costs and incentive action with customers
Our goal is to raise available cash in order to fund operations for the first two years of operations, including raw material cost of goods, variable costs, and fixed/direct operational expenses.

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