Equity Trading bot that earns $200-800 for each subscriber

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RiiZE Technology is an equity trading bot that earns each subscriber $200 to $800 in passive income per market day.

Saving time and frustration, our mission is to help families worldwide by using the speed and sophistication of our data-driven trading technology. This is how it works: Choose how much you’d like to earn from one of our subscription levels at riize.io. Next, log in to your account and attach Riize to your equity trading account. Now watch as our software automatically invests your money per market day. It’s that simple! Most families are stuck with investment options that don't earn enough to help their current living conditions. Even worse, most can't access their capital fast when they need it. Riize will solve these problems by generating daily income and giving access to your money when you need it. Join us today to support our mission and change people's lives forever.

Intelligent big data management. Current revenue $5,000 monthly. As of 2022, approx. 70 Million USD in equity transactions using our proprietary trading algorithm. Riize has a 96% success rate and can generate consistent returns of 2-6% of equity per market day up to cap limit amounts.

Revenue model:

Financial Services Industry SaaS Model 2022 Rates

Personal-  User Earns $200-300 daily, Subscription Fee: $950/mo. Initial Equity Needed: 5K 

Family – User Earns $400-500 daily Mar, Subscription Fee: $1750/mo. Initial Equity Needed 10K

Inheritance- User Earns $700-$800 daily M-F, Subscription Fee: $2550/mo. Initial Equity Needed 20K

Revenue Goal:

 25,000 Personal Subscriptions $23 Million per month.

Funding to date:

$50,000 Loan from Founder

$100,000 Funded Equity Account

$200K Pledged Backers

Leadership Team

Kevin, Naples FL Founder

Investment Banker, Quantitative Equity Trader 

Doctor Acie, Naples, FL 

University Business Professor,  President of a National Bank

Ranjika, Naples, FL

Scientist, Engineer

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