Pure Wholesale Home Improvement Contract

$3 Million needed to secure Major departmant store contract for reverse logistics.

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Specialize in reverse logistics and adding value.
 We need funding to secure a major store contract, which will allow us to control all goods in the eastern half of the US. This will allow us to control pricing and have a dedicated operation location close to Chicago and reach the biggest customer base with the least amount of shipping and expense.
 We currently operate over 40k sq-ft of reverse logistics in Elkhart, in. Along with have 4 additional warehouses to sell our goods around the region. We are rapidly expanding through out the Midwest. The ability to secure the massive contract will allow us to control a major part of the market and set pricing to maximize our returns.
 We currently sell whole pallets of goods direct to the consumer from our warehouses cutting out the middle men and maximizing our profits. By doing this it allows us to offer lower prices that any competition and take market share as we keep expanding into new markets.
 We are able to receive whole truckloads from the supplier and then cross load them and sell them as they came in with very little handling and staff needed. We have access to the facility needed. We are able to supply all software, technology and equipment along with any other needs for the facility. We only need funding for the actual inventory.

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