PURE ENERGY BioRinks Limited

Sports and Entertainment Net Zero Building Development Company that is seeking first investors - maximum R.O.I. potential.

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PURE ENERGY BioRinks ltd. is a new development company in central Canada that builds innovative and sustainable sports arenas and training centers for communities.  We are a Net Zero building, using 100% renewable energy, with unique building structure and ice design that makes us more efficient to construct,  a fraction of costs to build, and minimizes overhead costs (profitable) for communities needing sports facilities in Canada, North America, and the World.  We adapt to include all sports and recreation needs, like baseball, soccer, volleyball, and arts and entertainment.  

Returns come from our percentage of a 10% development fee on $7-10 Million dollar builds, and monthly residuals on 10% of net income for each BioRink developed.  

We are seeking seed investment capital from a limited number of investors (or a singe anchor) to help with marketing, upfront business development, energy studies, website and app development, and other current costs, besides business expertise.    

Feel free to reach out for more information.  

Thank you!    Shaun Diehl    - Owner/Developer

Cell:  1-306-290-4685
Email:  [email protected]

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PURE ENERGY BioRinks Limited is no longer seeking funding.