420skybnb.com CANNABIS INCLUDED Airbnb and PUP (pick up point) New York City Cannabis Delivery Stores

PUP Stores (pick up point) in New York City 420skybnb.com CANNABIS INCLUDED Airbnb

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Dorado Verde LLC has created 2 powerhouse cannabis industry retail technology brands. These 2 products will have a major impact on the National Cannabis industry landscape. Unlike 99% of cannabis retail models, both 420skybnb.com and PUP Stores will scale Nationally from day one.

Raising $100,000 to execute a REG CF raise. We will offer a 100% return ($200,000) in 24 months OR triple of value to ($300,000) in a rollover into the REG CF raise.

PUP Stores, (Pick Up Point) Stores (trademark filed) A New automated retail model for the emerging legal cannabis industry. Designed for high density urban environments like those found in New York City.  PUP is a better safer more secure way to deliver cannabis products into high density urban communities. PUP delivers cannabis orders to the AGE AND ID AUTHENTICATED member in 15 minutes.  What gives PUP the greatest marketplace advantage? PUP is NOT a Cannabis dispensary PUP is a DELIVERY SERVICE and PUP locations are where orders are available for pick up in 15 minutes from ordering. DELIVERY LICENSES are easy to obtain and stay compliant with! We will also be offering PUP Store technology as a product, to existing operators across the US.

Watch a PUP Store video below...

420skybnb.com (trademarked) CANNABIS INCLUDED hospitality. Serving Airbnb's as well as participating hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals. 65% of domestic Airbnb bookings include at least 1 cannabis consumer. There are many hosts and amazing properties willing to host the 420-lifestyle traveler. Many Hotels and vacation rental companies are also looking to responsibly include cannabis friendly properties. Our clients preferred cannabis amenities are available the moment they arrive at their destination.  We are adding properties and client members currently and will soon launch live bookings. We are launching in New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


We are a dedicated team of mature, experienced, and highly qualified businesspeople and are ready to take this venture to its MAXIMUM potential.

Full BIOs are available 

Kurt Patrick Casadine Founder

Michael Hess Co-Founder CFO

Vitaly Geyman, Product engineer and Board advisor



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420skybnb.com CANNABIS INCLUDED Airbnb and PUP (pick up point) New York City Cannabis Delivery Stores is no longer seeking funding.