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The demand for events will go up next year. I wanna throw 3 concerts/festivals a year. We will start with small ones to build trust and a relationship. Then we can throw bigger on

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I want to throw 3 concerts a year. They will cost $300,000-$800,000 to throw. If we do 3 a year the investment will be tripled. We will start with a small one just to build trust and a relationship at $300,000 per event.  We will sell out 9,000 seat venues at first at $80-$100 for GA.  More for vip.  So at first investment will be almost tripled.
             As we build trust and a relationship we will throw bigger events that will cost $1,000,000 but will triple our sales.  We will do 3 events a year.  So the 1st year I will make you $2,500,000-$3,000,000.   Then as we build trust we will throw bigger events and make way more.  We will just start with 1 to show you.
             I have been a music promoter for over 20 years from throwing huge raves to smaller club events.  Id like to throw events with multiple headliners and throw an amazing experience. I want people to know when they attend a Packard events concert they are getting a great and fun experience.  They will see atleast 3 headliners, great sound and great laser light show.  People will want to get out the house.  I am looking for a long term partner.   I would love to talk about it and tell you more or answer any questions. I can get more into detail.  Most concerts are 1 headliner or a huge music festival.  We will just focus on a 3 headliner show with the right mix of groups that brings people together.  

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