Puerto Ventures

Invest & Eliminate Your 2020 Capital Gains into Booming Technology and Healthcare Ventures In Puerto Rico

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Puerto Ventures is a qualified opportunity zone "QOZF"  fund with offices based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Salt Lake City, Utah. Our fund allows investors to invest their 2020 capital gains into tech, blockchain and healthcare businesses based in Puerto Rico. 

  • Eliminate 2020 Capital Gains Tax on the Qualified Opportunity Zone investment. 
  • Opportunity Zones for Tech, Blockchain and Healthcare Businesses. 
  • As part of your investment, we will host you and a partner in Puerto Rico in 2021. Hotel, travel, yacht tour to meet the faces/people and businesses behind your investment. 
  • Investments as low as $25K and up to $4M.
  • Invest your 2020 Capital Gains into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund. This allows you to grow your wealth, eliminate capital gains tax on the Opportunity Zone investment and help the Puerto Rican economy. 
  • Venture Builders with over a decade of experience building multi-million dollar tech, blockchain and healthcare companies.
  • Puerto Rico is the #1 place to invest as a United States QOZ territory. You will see why. 
  • One of our portfolio projects needs at least $1M-$4M by December 27th, 2020. This exclusive investment is in the bio-science space. We have partnered with one of the largest cancer research firms in the world. You will be part of curing cancer. Great legacy play for you and your family. 
We are setting up appointments for December. We would like to close this round by December 27th.  Please contact us today to learn more today with the best opportunity in your lifetime.

Schedule an appointment HERE or call/text us at  (939) 545-8272

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