$500K to complete platform development and user acquisition.

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We want to lower the cost of every new home built in America! We believe our platform can do just that. ProWallet is a one-of-a-kind mobile payments and lending solution solving complex problems and liabilities for an industry representing $1.3T (yes, that’s TRILLION) spending annually in the U.S. alone. ProWallet brings the antiquated systems of the construction world into the high-tech mobile era for millions of professionals, translating into more affordable home ownership.

ProWallet offers 24/7, instant, secure mobile payments.  We offer the only end-to-end solution in the building sector that does away with the significant liabilities of property liens and improves the efficiency around inspections with time and geo-stamped images.  Our unique relationships offer $100k transfer limits, exchanging wallet balances for physical cash and instant cash on approved receivables. 

Our team has 75+ years of combined experience with America's largest homebuilders.  Our model is based upon recurring user transaction fees at high volumes, exclusive affiliate partnerships with major builders and receivables lending.

More info... here's a link to our investor deck.

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