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Hi name Fernando Ferrari I'm currently in business with a partner who owns factories in China and also connected with Ferrari, Bentley over 100 shops for car enthusiasts over Amer

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  1. Introduction - What your company is and what it does:
  • Provenance Wraps is a wholesale and retail supplier of PPF (paint protective film) and colored vinyl vehicle wraps.
  1. Your Team - Who is on your team
  • Team currently consists of the following:
  • CEO, and Head of Sales: Fernando Ferrari
  • Marketing and Shareholder: Niel Pirthipal
  • Investor and Overseer of Supply Chain (unnamed)
  1. Problem - What problem is there and how big is the market.
  • The primary reason for investment is to allow B to B sales and development of client base
  • Smartphone application build out and development
  • Initial supply chain and production momentum
  1. Solution - How do you uniquely solve that problem.
  • Investment of $2,100,000.00 provides the ability for head of sales to travel the country to acquire wholesale accounts
  • Application development and grass roots targeted marketing allows individual end users to be acquire and develop the second leg of client base.
  1. Business Model - How do you make money.
  • The investment provides all need tools and opportunities to build the wholesale client base. The initial goal is 40 wholesale accounts a month which is projected to profit, in year one, $1,400,000.00.
  1. Competition - Who is already in the market.
  • There are a few major competitors, but the marketing advantage is offering an identical and in some cases superior to all major competitors. This offers the wholesale client an instant savings vs their current suppliers.
  1. Your Vision - How will your company own the market.
  • Through wholesale development, and offering drop shipments (eliminating the lengthy process of container shipment) the ability to quickly and more cost effectively supply the customer.
  1. Traction - What have you already achieved.
  • The warehouse is far beyond anything currently in the marketplace.
  • Quality control measures are firmly in place
  • Complete supply chain, including human less processing, is complete.
  • The product is tested and stands tall with all market competitors.
  1. Funding Ask - How much do you need to achieve your vision.
  • We are asking $2.1 million for 12% ownership.
  1. Projections - What does winning look like if it all works out.
  • Year one projection: $1.4 million profit
  • Year three projection: $5.5 million
  • Year Five Projection: $8.8
  1. Closing Slide - What’s next
  • We strongly project that the future of the coupling of application and wholesale distribution will allow for a potential for a billion dollar company as global expansion develops.

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