Protection Dog Professionals

Raising 150k to fund America's first all inclusive protection dog vending company.

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Protection Dog Professionals is a project based on the idea that our team can produce, train and sell protection dogs bred out of animals that no other company in the country has access to, to entities in need of professional, estate or family protection animals. Our product solves challenging security issues that products such as electronic security systems, and lock and key cannot solve. 

The breeding program that we have access to is unique, reliable, and specified to our companies needs. The animals that we have selected serve the exact genetic needs of our company, and due to our ability to access animals that no other company can find, we are consistently able to a genetic product that other companies seeking to compete with us cannot produce, putting us at a massive advantage in terms of both marketing and operational consistently. 

Our team consists of trainers dedicated to the purpose of our company, and the success of the animals with which they work. With over 20 years of experience, our team is tailor made for the challenges presented by the industry and the solutions that our product is meant to solve. 

Our customer avatar is an entity in need of a specific security asset beyond that of a simple electronic security system, and families wanting to feel more secure in their own environment. Due to the challenges our product is able to solve for our customers, our company can rely on sentimentality and human nature in much of our marketing. Nobody wants something to happen to their loved ones, and when faced with the concern of self preservation, no company can offer a solution as reliable, consistent and effective as ours. 

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