Project Re Direct/Yourh & Family Services Inc

Re-launch to Educate ………

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The Mission of Project Re-Direct is to significantly improve academic and social skills development of children; while reducing the incidence of juvenile delinquency, child abuse and domestic violence within the Global Community. . Our Vision is to ‘Save the lives of children and Re-Direct them towards healthier lifestyles; while developing productive men and women who will pursue a better quality of life.” Project Re-Direct’s new initiative is to provide S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) education along with a rigorous academic and social skills curriculum for pre-k – 8th grade urban students. Our goal is to prepare students for higher education This will help them to excel in math, science, engineering, and technological based careers. STRUCTURAL BELIEF Project Re-Direct/Youth & Family Services Inc., believes that a more appropriate response to juvenile delinquency and crime in the urban communities is not the building of more prisons and juvenile halls, but academic, economic development, job opportunities for teens and adults is pivotal in this vital fight against poverty and desperation that leads to crime. We have created a Holistic and comprehensive proactive education system that provides services to prevent the abuse and neglect of children within the family structure. The founder and staff of Project Re-Direct know that all children should be valued, and we work collaboratively to ensure that they become successful and productive     

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