Project Lampasas Lightning

Raising $500k - $1Mil to fund the build out of a robust fiber optic network for Rural Lampasas, TX

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The Road So Far

In 2016 Roll Call Security set out on a course of action to branch into the broadband communications business. It was both out of curiosity and necessity. As Roll Call moved into the rural parts of central Texas to do its cyber security business it was quickly discovered that resources were lacking. Because of this it had to rely on substandard services available at the time. This was compounded by a horrid government-controlled business climate and disgruntled citizenry.
In August the 2016 the Roll-Call executive team set forth on designing and testing a fiber Ethernet system that would bring high capacity broadband to rural areas just as it would be found in large metro areas of Texas.
After research and design Roll Call began deploying its prototype fiber optic network and terrestrial fixed wireless system in the city of Lampasas Texas in January of 2017. On January 4th, 2017 Roll Call changed its name to Roll Call Security & Communications.
From January of 2017 to November of 2017 Roll Call team members invested nearly $1.2 Million in funds and equity labor to build a core backbone of connected fiber around Lampasas county with peering arrangements from the Texas Lone Star Network, AT&T, Windstream, Frontier/Verizon, L3/CenturyLink and Google Fiber while establishing our Tier 3 Data center presence with Cologix and Hurricane Electric in Dallas, Austin and Houston.
Roll Call being satisfied with the testing results of the fiber loop set to build out its first terrestrial tower system. In South Lampasas a tower was selected, and equipment deployed at a cost of $160k. 4 Months of beta testing occurred with 10 primary customers who received internet connection for no cost while testing. Feedback was collected and then developed into policy.
Once testing was complete customer sign-up and installation began. It was the endeavor of the executive team to continue to work equity building hours as the first tower went through 2 years of proof of concept. The primary means was to ensure the tower systems and fiber optic backbone could generate revenue high enough for viability. 

The Results

Roll Call’s communication division discovered after 3 years of trials, testing and change control that the terrestrial towers and fiber Ethernet connections are in very high demand and are not only revenue generating but have significant profit margins.
Roll Call has developed turn-key repeatable deployment scenarios for both tower deployments and fiber GPON deployments. It took 3 years to work out the bugs and kinks, but the current fiber infrastructure and primary tower are out of concept and in full production generating on average $30k per month in revenue per fixed terrestrial tower and $12,750 per month per 100 fiber customers. 
NOTE: the back haul infrastructure is very expensive at low use but becomes extremely cheap by comparison with high use. Goals shifted to maximum saturation with this knowledge. Our average cost per megabit is $0.29 but our charge is averaging $3.10 per Megabit. with the intent to lower prices when the networks are paid off.

The Ask

Roll Call is seeking  investment into the expansion of our concept. The investment asked for is between $500k and $1Mil to complete phases 4, 5 and 6 of the project and then use revenue/profits to complete the entire project over a 14 month period. We are looking to add additional 4 tower sites capable of providing service to an additional 1600 to 2000 rural customers and providing coverage over 3 major counties (Coryell, Lampasas, Burnet). We are also looking to deploy fiber-to-the premise (FTTP) for the entire city of Lampasas Texas and its immediate surrounding areas. This would add an additional 3000 to 4900 customers depending on take rates.
The current average revenue per customer is $127.13 on a monthly basis. Roll Call has grown 80 percent annually for the last 3 years on its communications division as the proof of concept has become viable. Our reputation in the Central Texas areas has grown by leaps and gets better with each passing quarter. The demand for our services now exceeds the supply by 6000 percent. 
Roll Call has estimated this project will cost between $3Mil to $4.8Mil to complete start to finish. Roll-Call has already invested nearly $1Mil to the effort for design, testing, deployment and Proof of Concept (PoC).

The Offer

The right investors are key to making this project happen successfully and Roll Call understands that it must be attractive in that sense. Roll Call is offering up to 48% ROI depending on the length and term of the investment. The longer the terms, the higher the rate of return. If investors can prove honorable military veteran status, Roll Call is willing to entertain up to a 55% rate of return depending on the term and length of the investment.

At this time Roll Call is only willing to discuss ownership with Service Disabled Veterans.
NOTE: A Full copy of our financial projections, pro-rata, and project plans are available upon request.

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