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Raising $300K pursuing the PGA Tour

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I’m a 31 year old professional golfer who has been playing professionally for 12 years. I won over 50 times as a junior player and was top 20 in the country coming out of high school. Although being very highly recruited I made the decision to turn professional a year out of high school. I’ve had 5 significant wins and 15 total wins as a professional. I’ve led the Hooters Tour money list and competed all over the world.  I’ve been held back by one illness and two shoulder surgeries. I’ve played on just about every professional tour there is but haven’t cracked the Pga tour. I actually missed my card once by a shot. I’ve missed the US Open twice by a shot.  I’m finally 100% healthy and I want to give it a 3 year shot  to make it to my ultimate goal which is playing a consistent life long career on the PGA Tour. Im willing to give a significant amount of my winnings back and also am willing to commit to a percentage when I make it on the PGA Tour which will allow investors to make money off of me. I just want the opportunity to chase my dream further. I’m also willing to give endorsement money back also. Golf is in a GREAT place right now with the purses and money to be made going through the roof. The average player on the PGA Tour is making over $3 million a year. Please let me know if you’re interested in joining me on this journey!!

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