Probate Case Execution of Will and Estate Transfer

Raising 150K to execute a large estate transfer

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Inheritance advocate needs 150K in funds to quickly settle large estate trust and take physical possession of vaulted valuables. Father to Daughter will and trust execution through attorney executor, with interesting stipulations by the deceased father for the transfer of estate. 

Estate consisting of vaulted goods held for 3 years since the death of the father, in 2018. On hold, waiting for daughter to attain will stipulations. Contact Advocate for beneficiary at 210-305-3880 and [email protected] 

Investment  pure play with 100% return in 2 weeks.  Wire transfer to attorney executor 100K, 2 weeks later receive 200K.  Daughter does not have the money to pay the administrative
trust final fees of 100K before the vault codes can be turned over. 

Beneficiary is the single daughter of diplomat with substantial assets in Ultra Vault. Daughter has attained the stipulations required in last will and testament of the Father, to receive the estate assets. 
All documents and short video clip provided for confirmation of legitimacy.

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