Pro Alliance Synergies

Raise 2 Million via equity to pay off all debt and restructure the company to implement our strategic growth plan.

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We are asking for 2 Million dollars for 40% ownership of the group of companies *Valuation 5 Million* (Includes 2.5 Million of equipment assets)

Pro Alliance Synergies
Group of Transportation Companies 

We establish trust and dependability within the supply chain through uniting shippers
and drivers with transparency and integrity. 

We will be a $1 billion organization managing over 500,000 transportation
solutions annually. 

Proven track record 10+ years in business with sales increasing over 25% year over year on track for 15 Million in revenues 

Pro Alliance Logistics- 
Sales and brokerage division that secures and negotiates freight contracts between shippers and carriers 

Pro Alliance Transportation- 
Operating arm of our company asset division carrier authority and company drivers 

Pro Alliance Capital- 
Advances receivables for operational Cashflow

Pro Alliance Dispatch- 
For hire dispatch to manage and connect capacity between outside carriers shippers  and brokers 

Pro Alliance Leasing 
Purchases owns and leases company assets

Short Term Goals (1 Year)
Revenue target- $15,000,000 (after year 1) 
Margin 10% -  $1,500,000

Increase Cash Reserves/Operating Cash- $1,000,000+

Refine and create efficiencies in the operational effectiveness to drive consistent organic growth and margin to allow for streamlined acquisitions. 

Intermediate Goals (3 Years)
•Revenue target- $100,000,000 
•Target Margin 10%   $10,000,000

Organic Growth- $50 Million (Increase of 35 Million in 3 years) 
Acquired Growth- $50 Million 

Cost of Acquisition (expecting 2 Million expense for 10 Million of Growth) 
50 Million Growth at a cost of $10 Million over 3 year term

Long Term Goals (5-10 Year)

Revenue target- $250,000,000
Margin 7% - $15,000,000

Breakdown strategy
Organic Growth- $50,000,000
Acquired Growth- $100,000,000 

Revenue target- $1,000,000,000 
Margin 5% - $50,000,000

Breakdown strategy
Organic Growth- $250,000,000
Acquired Growth- $500,000,000 

Why Now-

The last few years have been volatile amongst most industries but trucking and logistics has seen an extreme case of this. One major reason is the fragmented market, as it is made up of large number of smaller companies taking up the majority of the market share entering and leaving the market frequently. 

Many owners of these companies are of the Baby Boomer generation (50-75 years old) and they have no real legacy or retirement plan. With the high inflation and cost of operating overhead combined with the economic down cycle there has never been a better time for them to think about liquidating creating the perfect conditions for our growth consolidation and acquisition plans . 

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