Priority Value Investments, Inc.

We are seeking $10,000 to assist Small Business Owners struggling to overcome the Covid -19 epidemic shut down.

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Priority Value Investments, Inc.

Mission Statement:  Working together to rebuild the confidence of home ownership, small business and tomorrow.
"PVI Boot Straps" is a fundraising program for "Priority Value Investments, Inc. We are a non-profit Real Estate Organization . We received our 501c3 status soon after the Covid - 19  epidemic began.  In the process we lost many of our investors and must now start from scratch.    However, our goal remains the same. Our goal is to inspire the achievements of undeserved communities. Priority Value Investments, inc. (PVI) began it’s development just before the Covid – 19 epidemic began. However, the overwhelming epidemic greatly increased the need of our service. Priority Value Investments, Inc. would like to introduce the following services to the market including the rehabilitation of Historically Disadvantaged Communities. We would like to buy foreclosed and abandoned properties in low-income communities. Once those homes are purchased by our team is immediately refurbish  to HUD qualifications. After a quality restoration the homes are sold back to the community or set up as a rent to own opportunities. Another one of PVI’s first objective is to work closely with those still serving, disabled and retired from the U. S. Military. We are proud to serve those deserving a "one more chance" home opportunity. Our homes may be a straight up purchase opportunity or a rent to own opportunity. Our Rent to Own opportunities is expected to be a large part of our service opportunities. Therefore, a strong Property Management Team will be required. Priority Value Investments Inc. will market greatly to the retired, the disabled, Veterans and their families. Profits are returned to "Priority Value Investments, Inc." to continue our service to the community at the discretion of P.V.I. Inc. Our goal is to work closely with other organizations such as HUD, Veterans Housing Associations, NACA and other organizations that help provide home buyer assistance. Revitalizing these properties will help beautify the communities as well as increase it’s future tax revenues while stimulating the economy of the community.

Our fundraiser is “P. V. I. Boot Straps”. We are seeking funding to  develop a members only, nationwide, non-profit, 24/7 Community Based Small Business owners online exposition website and data base.  The site will assist and  continue to support those struggling to overcome the Covid -19 epidemic shut down.  "PVI – Bootstraps" members will also receive their own membership page in our database that members are free to update to promote daily sales,  business news and general updates. The public is free to view and search our members for all types of  businesses in all areas free of charge.

"The 2021 Small Business Recovery Group" is our weekly open discussions Zoom group  meetings focused on our business progress is always  free to the public. Our free weekly Zoom  discussion group meetings include educational and motivational speakers invited to inspire our weekly group meetings. We welcome various artists to promote and share their talents. 

(We have already attained our 501c3)

Pressley Giles, JR. 
Priority Value Investments, Inc. 
Organizational President

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