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The Primedia Network is the only TV media company in the country that offers discounted pre-negotiated ad spots rates on over 1000 local network TV stations in 168 markets.

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The PRIMEDIA Network is a National TV Media Network with pre-negotiated, discounted ad spot rates on 1000 plus network TV stations including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW stations in 168 markets nationwide.

PRIMEDIA works in partnership with these stations and takes in over $50 million in unsold TV commercial advertising inventory per week and has developed an Enterprise Software Solution – “The MMS” (Media Management Software) that negotiates discounted ad spot rates on these network TV stations and also streamlines a process to sell this unsold TV commercial inventory to local, regional, and national businesses.

Like the world's largest ride-share company, Uber Technologies, PRIMEDIA uses disruptive technology that will simplify how any business can buy mass media. The company with its MMS software also sells unsold local radio, cable TV, OTT, newspaper, and billboards. There is no company in the country that can do what PRIMEDIA does and this is a complete game changer for businesses that now will have a one-stop source for all of their advertising media needs.  

PRIMEDIA is a national company that can go global. Nationally it will do $100’s of millions in sales and profits, globally it will do billions. And this is not 5 years down the road -- this is a realistic number right now with the proper funding in place.

As an Accredited Investor, Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, or Broker Dealer, you have made very smart decisions with investments in companies with large growth potential. And now, with an investment into the PRIMEDIA Network, you can add a company with true limitless capability and see a dramatic return on investment for yourself or your clients. We are looking for equity investments or convertible debt for a global company with enormous sales and profits. Call or email us today for more information. 
Our MMS – Media Management Software - allows us too very simply:

·       Negotiate Media Rates 
·       Put Together Media Proposals 
·       Give Clients Media Insertion Orders 
·       Plan and Buy Client Media Orders with a click of the mouse 
·       Reconcile Media Orders 
·       Produce Full Analytics on Those Media Orders 
·       Acts as a Complete Lead Generation Platform
If you spend time to see what has been developed you will see a company with $100 million dollar annual sales potential -- this is not 5 years down the road -- this is a realistic number right now with the proper funding in place.
The Business:
PRIMEDIA Network has developed a proprietary, patent-pending Enterprise Software
Solution – “The MMS” (Media Management Software) that negotiates discounted rates
on network TV stations and streamlines a process to sell unsold TV commercial inventory
to local market businesses. In addition, the MMS features a sales software application
which completely streamlines the sales process. There is a literally no media company
in the country today that uses any type of store bought or online software that does
what the MMS does.
The Market:
The market potential is unlimited and with a proper plan in place and working capital, millions of
dollars in unsold network TV commercial airtime can be sold to local businesses as the average TV
station each week has 25-35 percent of their commercial airtime inventory that goes unsold.
And, right now, while PRIMEDIA buys on new local media stations weekly, we still only have 1/3
of the 2000 available TV stations Nationwide and this ”one third” offers over $50 million in unsold
commercial inventory each week
$50K IN NEW BUSINESS EVERY WEEK - PRIMEDIA is past “proof of concept”.
Our tagline of “Real Media. Real Affordable. Real Fast” holds traction.
In addition, a major selling point to new clients is that we have no long-term contracts in place and companies can literally come in and buy “one station in one market for one week” if that is their desired plan.
·       Here’s How PRIMEDIA Gets to $100 Million Plus in Sales in 2 Years
·       We start with $50 Million in unsold commercial advertising inventory each week on local network TV stations – ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX – in 136 markets nationwide
·       Our Sales Team is In-House and Remote – And We Plan on Building a “Sales Army” to move this
·       massive amount of media we have available each week
·       95 salespeople generating $75K a month = $7 million plus in sales per month
·       Those sales bring in repeat orders of $10 million per month
·       Total of $17 million Per Month is Projected = Over $100 Million in Sales Per Year
·       Ultimate Goal is an IPO with 2 Years
·       $100 Million Dollar Sales Potential
·       Unlimited Market Potential
·       Proprietary Software
·       $50k In Current Sales Per Week
·       The Only TV Media Company In The Country With These Services

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