Prestige Land Group

Raising $950k-$2.5mm for current Phase II Project and Land Acquisition 20-25% Returns

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Prestige Land Group is a Texas based land development company that fulfills the land ownership dreams of the everyday person by acquiring large, hard to obtain, ranches and dividing them up into more affordable and manageable ranchettes.

We focus primarily on land acquisition in Texas but have the abilities to take down any deal in the country and do what we do. 

As an entity in 2022 we sold roughly 400 acres worth of ranchettes with a volume of over $4mm and also acquired a 1,000ac ranch site that boast a massive $18mm+ volume.

The two partners share in close to 40 years combined real estate experience, spanning from New York all the way down through Texas. One of the partners has a 22 years tenor in the Land Sales business, which is the niche market style in which we sale our land though. It is how we sale 60-80% of an initial phase opening in one weekend!

We are currently raising capital for our current project to expand into phase II. This is for our 1,000ac project just 4 minutes from one of the more popular lakes in Texas. Boasting a rich heritage and one of the most amazing properties we've acquired. The raise will be put towards capital improvement such as county spec road construction, electric, property clean up and beautification. 

In addition we are also raising capital to acquire our next ranch acquisition. An off market ranch directly adjacent to one of our projects from 2022. 

Our returns are set between 20% & 25% depending on the project evaluation. With a quick return timeframe, we typically have the full capital and return back to investors with in 4-6 months. Meanwhile all investment dollars are backed by the land itself, so risk is low. All together an investor could expect to double that percentage if rolled into another project in a 12 month time span.  

Land!... last time we checked, they ain't making anymore of it :)

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